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Tips to help you host a successful open house

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You can create a slide show with additional photos or a video of your property and add the link to your Personal Home Page.

The MLS and other real estate websites allow to display the virtual tour link with your listing.

Host an Open House

For your convenience we have Open House Signs available, please contact us or log in to My Account and order from our Listing Tools.

Public Open House are generally held on Saturdays or Sundays from 1-4 PM, but can be held at any time.

Post a Public Open House Date

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Tips to help you host a successful open house

Make your home presentable, spotless from top to bottom. Please see our Home Selling Tips for suggestions.

Advertise online (today newspapers are a waste of money). Write descriptive ad and place them in web classified or open house directories.

Map Your Open House Signs, find the busiest intersection closest to your home and put an open house sign at that corner.

Attach strings of balloons to each open house sign.

The arrows should point buyers in the right direction.

Place a sign every few blocks until you end up at your house.

Remove all vehicles from the driveway. Ask your neighbors to help out by not parking in front of your house.

Open all the drapes, blinds and window coverings, turn on all the lights.

Light some scented candles, preferably spices like cinnamon or vanilla, serve refreshments, snacks or freshly baked cookies.

Turn on soft music on each floor to help set a mood.

Create a bulletin board of seasonal house photographs so buyers can see what the home would look like at another time of the year. This is especially helpful to showcase gardens during the winter.

Be upbeat, cheery and greet each buyer who enters the home. Find out what the buyers are looking for and, if possible, show them why your home fits those requirements without being too pushy.

Have a mortgage calculator handy for negotiations!

Calculate Your Mortgage

Enter Home Value:
Your Monthly Payments:
Percent Down:
Principal & Interest:
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Estimated Annual Tax:
Total Monthly Payment:
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Set out all documents pertaining to your house

Have flyers available, give reasons for a buyer to remember YOUR home

Flyers containing financing options so buyers can determine their monthly mortgage payment

Inspection reports

Appraisal or comparable homes for sale

Major repairs & warranties

Blueprints for additions or future possible improvements

Finally, ask for a feedback

Ask each buyer what they thought of your home and would they consider buying it.

Agents and sellers are hesitant to ask for a buyer’s opinion, so have a Feedback form ready – available after you list your home – next to your flyers and ask every visitor to fill one out. It’s the only way you’re going to get a direct and honest feedback. They might decide to sit at the kitchen table and write an offer. It happens more often than you would think!

Safety Issues to Consider

An open house can be a great sales tool, but it also exposes you to unfamiliar people for the first time.

If possible have two or more people help you hold an open house.

Check your cell phone’s strength and make sure it is fully charged, keep it on you at all times. Have emergency numbers programmed on speed dial.

Keep your valuables and medications out of sight or locked up, make sure all doors are open at all times.
When showing the house, always walk behind the prospects. Direct them, don’t lead them. Say, for example, “The kitchen is to your right,” and gesture for them to go ahead of you, or let them walk about by themselves.

If you are alone, notify someone in your family or a friend that you will be calling in every hour. And if you don’t call, they are to notify the police immediately.

Inform a neighbor that you will be showing the house and ask if they would keep an eye and ear open for anything unusual.

Don’t assume that everyone has left the premises at the end of an open house. Check all of the rooms and the backyard prior to locking the doors.

Be aware of your surroundings. Be prepared to protect yourself. Stay safe!

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